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We connect business goals with technology to help brands reach and engage clients.


OMNI Clienteling Solution

Empower Your Store Associates in an Omnichannel world

Diginetica OMNI Clienteling Solution give your store associates Product, Customer, Knowledge Library, and Mobile POS modules to stay informed and consistent omnichannel access from anywhere in the store.

Cross Channel, Unified Brand Experience

We connect your business goals with perfect technology solutions to allow you to reach your audience and inspire brand loyalty.

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Powerful solutions fully optimized to your precise needs, allowing direct & personalized connections with your customers.

  • doOMNI

    Satisfy customer needs, leverage channel synergy to build a seamless brand experience that is innovative, efficient and distinctive.

  • Cross Channel

    Ultimate SaaS solution from RichRelevance creates data-centric, single view of the shopper, delivering relevant experiences across web, mobile and in stores.

  • 360° OMNI
    Customer view

    Leverage emerging multiple data sources to construct a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior. Optimal strategic decision support.

  • OMNI Lab

    The simple & affordable way to connect business goals with sophisticated technology solutions to make them reality.

Cross channel Personalization solution
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Advanced technologies and OMNI products that combine innovative solutions, data analytics, and creative brand experience to optimize your business, create a market-leading brand experience and delight your customers.

  • Realtime mobile & bluetooth sensing

    State-of-the-art proprietary real time mobile sensing device identifies customers in-store, allowing seamless online & real world personalization experiences.

  • TouchK

    Smart and innovative retail solutions to enrich loyalty programs offerings with the Human Body Communication technology.

  • Blackbeetrack

    Sophisticated logistics tracking system, with sensors to monitor parameters and communicate via Bluetooth with warehouse systems.

  • Magic Mirror

    Innovative convenience-optimization platform that allows customers to virtually try on clothing. Endlessly customizable to your needs.

Clients, partners and the outstanding brands we've digitally advanced.


  • OMNI & Multichannel

    Brand differentiation strategies that place the customer center stage and bring digital technology to every touchpoint.

  • Brand Integrated
    Experience Design

    Construct a simple, consistent, contextually personalized SINGLE brand experience across all touchpoints. Thoughtful & immersive customer experience.

  • Cross Channel Brand

    Develop a highly-relevant, one-on-one customer dialog designed to engage & inspire through the entire life cycle.

  • E-Commerce Excellence

    Specialized services tailored to help you excel in the digital marketplace, designed to integrate precisely with your brand identity.

  • Big Data Analytics

    Optimize brand decisions with data analytics management & support. Transform data into valuable insights and effective action.

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Immersive & relevant cross channel
unified brand experience

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